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San Diego Prenatal Massage Spas

January 18, 2023

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Pregnancy can be very strenuous and stressful for you and your body, which is why prenatal massages are almost essential! San Diego has many outstanding options ready to help you relax before that sweet babe arrives. These San Diego prenatal massage locations offer ultra-relaxing massages in tranquil environments, perfect for relieving aches and tension.

Pregnant mother and her son at photo session by San Diego Maternity Photographer, Kim Belverud

6 San Diego Prenatal Massage Spas for Total Relaxation & Relief

Rebirth Massage

Located at 1545 Hotel Circle S, Rebirth Massage is a wellness center that specifically caters to women seeking natural solutions to prenatal discomforts, fertility, uterine-related issues, prenatal massage, and postpartum healing.

Their staff includes:

  • certified massage therapists,
  • clinical and certified herbalists, and
  • prenatal certified massage therapists who are experts in holistic pregnancy and natural health.

Rebirth Massage offers a variety of prenatal massages, such as:

  • MLD pregnancy massages, consisting of an 80-minute light and superficial lymphatic massage to help reduce swelling, and
  • 55-minute and 80-minute pregnancy massages of light to firm pressure and focus on relaxation while reducing pain and tension.

Add-ons for pregnancy massages include aroma therapy and warm stone treatment. Check out this beautiful location today to start aching less and relaxing more.

San Diego Prenatal and Pediatric Massage

San Diego Prenatal and Pediatric Massage resides at 2180 Garnet Ave. Their mission aims to provide healing through touch, focusing on improving physical comfort and mental relaxation. Prenatal massage should ease the mind and body, while pediatric massage can stimulate brain function, improving a plethora of ailments.

This spa’s prenatal massage services consist of two options, a 60-minute, and a 90-minute massage, both focusing on relaxing your body while helping ease any pain and soreness.

San Diego Prenatal and Pediatric Massage provides the best massage therapists to ensure your pregnant body gets the most out of your session so that you can experience the following:

  • better sleep,
  • better mobility, and
  • an overall better feeling throughout your pregnancy.


Equilibrio Massage specializes in providing massages custom to your pregnant body, your birth, and your postpartum recovery, promising never to give you a generic service. Located at 3320 Third Avenue, Equilibrio Massage is a woman-owned and founded massage therapy establishment, founded on offering science-based prenatal massages since 2004.

Their massage specialists offer a variety of services for pregnant mamas, including:

  • custom relaxing prenatal massages,
  • divine mama deep relaxation massages that feature heated steam towels and aromatherapy while focusing on tight and sore areas,
  • a birthday massage that is specifically for you if it’s time or past time,
  • partner massage instruction to help your partner learn how to help you as you carry the baby, and
  • a body-balanced and ready massage to help get your body prepared for birth.

Equilibrio Massage also offers prenatal yoga and movement sessions and education resources for moms.

Massage Extraordinaire

Massage Extraordinaire offers pregnant women the opportunity to relax, both emotionally and physically, and provides special pillows for support. The spa offers a nurturing and caring environment to all its clients.

They have a variety of options for pregnant women to help:

  • reduce stress,
  • promote relaxation,
  • reduce edema, blood pressure, and varicose veins,
  • increase circulation and blood flow,
  • reduce muscular aches and pains, and
  • regulate hormones.

Located at 4848 Tecolote Road, Massage Extraordinaire provides:

  • Swedish massages,
  • deep tissues massages,
  • stretching massages,
  • trigger point massages,
  • cranial sacral massages, and
  • reflexology.

Massages are offered in 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120-minute lengths.

Massage And Tea

You can find Massage and Tea at 539 4th Avenue. It was founded with a strong belief that everyone should have access to massage therapy, as it is a way to a healthier and happier life.

This spa encourages pregnant moms to take care of themselves and treat themselves to a much-deserved relaxation session provided by the spa’s specialists in order to reap benefits like:

  • headache relief,
  • increased blood flow,
  • pain relief,
  • tension release, and
  • more.

Massage and Tea offers prenatal massages in 60- and 90-minute intervals while customizing the massage to your needs. You can also add optional services like shoulder, arm, hand, neck, and head massages to your prenatal massage session, adding 10 or 20 minutes to your total time!

This San Diego prenatal massage parlor truly cares about you and your body’s journey, so look into them today to see if they’re right for you!

Happy Head Massage

Happy Head Massage focuses solely on foot reflexology and massage therapy, with its founders inspired to open their own massage parlor after having their life-changing massage experiences in Saigon. They brought the idea of great massages without a spa price to the United States.

The owners brought Happy Head Massage to you and others who want a clean and professional massage parlor with the best therapists for a lower price than competitors.

With various locations throughout San Diego, including Carlsbad, Point Loma/Sports Arena, Chula Vista, Downtown, Pacific Beach, and more, Happy Head Massage offers multiple massage services and even chiropractic adjustments. Happy Head Massage’s prenatal massage service is customized to your needs while ensuring to take extra care of your body.

They offer a variety of different techniques to be used during your massage session, depending on how far along you are in pregnancy.

Techniques used can include or range from:

  • Swedish massage,
  • reflexology,
  • Asian-style body and foot massages,
  • deep tissue techniques,
  • Asian fusion combo massages,
  • a four hands Swedish and deep tissue massage, and
  • chiropractic services to help manage any back pain, stress, stiff necks, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling while encouraging blood circulation and relaxation.

Happy Head Massage typically recommends Swedish massages as a neutral option suited for every pregnant person, no matter how far along they are.

San Diego Prenatal Massage

Each of these wonderful massage parlors is geared towards ensuring you get the best of the best when it comes to much-deserved prenatal massages, especially while you create a tiny human entirely from scratch! These San Diego prenatal massage spas offer spectacular services allowing you to relieve the aches and pains that come from your beautiful pregnancy journey.

My next post will focus on one particular business that does prenatal massage, so stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more details about that business.

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  1. These prenatal spas sound devine!

  2. Ruth Young says:

    Gosh your photos are just stunning!!! Each and every one! And now I want a massage!! 😆

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