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Where to buy women’s clothes for photo shoots? [Part 2 of 4]

February 16, 2022

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In my last post, I featured one of my favorite women’s clothing stores. In this post, I’m featuring another one of my favorites. I love this online store’s dresses, and a big highlight is that the price point is lower than similar options at other stores.

So today, I present to you: Baltic Born

So when I tell you I love, love, love their dresses, I truly mean it. The length, the flow, the colors, the textures. They’re all beautiful. You can find casual ones that you could wear day-to-day or fancier ones for an evening out on the town. For those who are getting married and looking for bridesmaid dresses, Baltic Born is a wonderful store to shop for options.

Recommendations. So what do I recommend from this store? All of their maxi dresses are at the top of my favorites list. I usually discourage their midi and short dresses – those are all so beautiful as well, but just for purposes of the photo session because they restrict movement. And while I love all of their maxi dresses, I usually discourage the ones that fit tightly around your thighs because it’s a bit more challenging to move around and sit down in. However, you will have no problem trying to find an option from Baltic Born. There are a ton of free-flowing maxi dresses, in all sizes and a variety of colors. As of this writing, there were 15 pages with 48 maxi dresses per page! They come in solid colors and patterns, with all different types of fabric.

Sizes. Their dresses come in a wide range of sizes and are flattering on all body types. And what I love about Baltic Born’s website is that they don’t just show how the dresses look like on an extra-small model. They have pictures that show a range of sizes, and even caption what size the model is. For example, on one particular dress that comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, the caption shows a model who wears size 0 and is shown wearing the size S, and also shows a model who wears size 16/18 and is shown wearing the size XXL. And the dress truly looks beautiful on both models.

Cardigans. Besides dresses, Baltic Born is also a good source to find layers to wear on top of your dress. I love adding a chunky or flowing cardigan to an outfit. Baltic Born has a lot of great options with beautiful textured cardigans or loose flowing fabric.

Cardigan examples from

Discounts. Right now when you sign up for email, you can get 10% off your purchase. Shipping is free depending on how much you spend. Make sure to check out their sale section because you can find some wonderful options at a discounted price there. Additionally, at various times, they have special promotions with discounts as well. And that’s all on top of their regular reasonably priced items.

Here are some samples of women’s Baltic Born dresses that my clients have worn to their sessions.

Family of 3 on the beach with mama wearing a Baltic Born dress

Wife and Husband in San Diego couples photography session with wife wearing Baltic Born dress

Family of 5 with mama wearing Baltic Born dress


Thank you for reading about dresses from Baltic Born. In the last set of images, the mother’s dress is from Baltic Born. Her daughter’s dress is from another online retailer that I will feature in a future post so I hope you stay tuned. Until then though, my next post in this 4-part series will feature a women’s clothing store that is online, but also a brick-and-mortar store, and 2 are here in San Diego!

  1. Robyn Scherer says:

    So helpful! I am going to check it out and most likely recommend! 😉 Thanks.

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal with helpful information about your photo session and other fun tips for families. Stay a while and say hello!

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