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San Diego Midwives For Empowered Pregnancies

March 29, 2023

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Pregnancy is a magical time filled with hope and wonder. Each day brings something new, and every little kick feels like a tiny promise. While this is an exciting time, it can feel downright overwhelming at points. You’re growing a brand new person! That’s a lot of responsibility! When things start to feel a bit daunting, it helps to know someone in your corner, ready to take on all that anxiety. That is why I love San Diego midwives. Whether you’re planning a homebirth or just need an extra team member in the hospital room, a midwife will provide you with the quality care you need in pregnancy. Because midwives can limit their patient numbers, they can spend more time with you and talk through every concern.

Sometimes with an OB, women may feel like just another timeslot. Midwives will make it so that you feel heard and empowered. Plus, midwives act as personal landlines. When you find yourself stressing about your baby in the middle of the night, you don’t have to wait for an answering service to forward your call to someone who may or may not be your doctor. With a midwife, you’ll get the chance to speak to them directly and get the necessary answers so you can sleep soundly. As a family photographer, I get to hear about many wonderful San Diego midwives. Here are a few that my clients have come to adore.

San Diego maternity image with pregnant mother, husband, and son
San Diego maternity image with pregnant mother and husband

San Diego Midwife Services For Empowered Pregnancies

San Diego Midwife

The idea of San Diego Midwife began to take flight in 2004. That is when Jamin Sylvada took time off for maternity leave and met La Shel Montgomery during her time at Birth Center, Best Start. The two midwives became so close they assisted each other in their home births. Soon, they thought, what if we did this as our career? Since then, the team has added Dr. Chrisi Binder to provide maternal health care throughout Southern California. The center believes that having a baby is a transformative event. Their primary job is to prepare you for when the time comes by offering expert midwifery care. Other services include prenatal chiropractic, birth classes, placenta encapsulation, and more. Find out all about their practice on their website.

San Diego maternity image with pregnant mother and husband on the beach

San Diego County Midwives

San Diego County Midwives are a team of experienced midwives who believe in normalizing pregnancy and birth. Heather LeMaster, the primary midwife, began working with pregnant families as a doula in 2003. Since then, she earned her licensing to be an inclusive midwife who provides compassionate care for all. Heather is a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner with a wealth of knowledge to provide you with the care you need. San Diego County Midwives is a family-run company with Heather’s mom, Gerri, serving as a consultant midwife. The office offers homebirth, birth center, and hospital birth options. With this team, you will have the birth experience you want. Please find out more on their website.

Pregnant mother at Windansea Beach

Mother to Mother Midwifery

San Diego County Midwives is a center run primarily by Brooke Ray. Brooke has attended over 1000 home births and believes this is the most beneficial option for families. She believes that we have made birth too clinical when it should celebrate what our bodies can do. Brooke has been practicing since 2005. Since then, she’s grown her practice to include licensed midwife Karly Nuttall. The center specializes in providing care for home births. When you sign on as a patient, your midwife will prepare you for a home birth (including water birth, should you choose it). You don’t need to worry about the mess. Your midwife will take care of it so you can spend those first few hours bonding with your newborn. The center provides exceptional postpartum care as well as placenta encapsulations. You can find out all about it on their website.

Midwife Courtney

Courtney Scott is a midwife who specializes in low-risk pregnancy and home births. She believes in giving you the power to choose your birth experience. She’s attended over 250 births in various settings and worked as a doula and lactation specialist. Courtney has a wealth of experience offering other specialties. She has your answers whether you’re seeking holistic gynecology care or want more information regarding herbal medicine. You can find out all about her practice on her website.

Birth Local Midwifery

Birth Local Midwifery is a center run by Phyllis “Kayti” Buehler. Kayti is here to ensure you have the power regarding your delivery. When you come for your prenatal care, she’ll sit down with you, check your pregnancy’s progression, and make sure you feel equipped for the journey ahead. Birth Local Midwifery has married evidence-based information with holistic approaches. On top of Kayti’s expert prenatal care, the office offers spinning babies, wellness care, and placenta encapsulation. You can find out all about it on their website.

Beautiful One Midwifery

Beautiful One Midwifery is a center run by Kelly and Tiffany, a midwife duo here to make birth feel like a more personalized event. The two have served hundreds of families across San Diego for the past ten years. They believe birth needs to be simplified and placed back in the hands of the parents. The two are ready to assist with any home birth needs so you can be in control of your birth experience. Find out more on their website.

San Diego maternity photo session

Birth Waves Midwifery

Birth Waves Midwifery is a center run by Tatiana Koontz. Tatiana has over 14 years of experience and is passionate about supporting pregnant people. While all her services are fantastic, she strives to provide exceptional postpartum support. Tatiana understands how little help there often is regarding postpartum mental and physical health support and is here to change that. Tatiana assists with water births and specializes in parent education and placenta encapsulation. On top of this, she’s fluent in Spanish, extending her care to even more families across San Diego. You can learn all about her practice on her website.

Maternity photo shoot at Windansea Beach in San Diego, CA

San Diego Midwife

By picking a San Diego midwife, you’re choosing someone you know will empower you throughout every point of pregnancy. With any of these San Diego midwives, you will get the birth experience you want.

Are you looking for a newborn photographer to capture your baby’s early moments? I’m a San Diego family photographer with a special love of providing you with pictures I know you’ll treasure forever. Contact me today to book your session. Don’t forget to view more San Diego resources below!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. And before you go, I want to highlight a special blog post from Northern Virginia Photographer, Ruth Young. Check it out because she has some wonderful Tips for your next Spring Photoshoot!

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