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Behind the Lens

Hi, I'm Kim!

I've always had a vision of photography that feels more raw, emotive, and authentic than just quick snapshots of how we look. I truly want to be reminded of a feeling when I look at images. I’m a nostalgic person and I have a good memory, but I want something that speaks deeper to me than just a visual reminder of the past. I want it to pull at my heart strings. I'm a wife, a mom of 3, a fiercely loyal friend, and an artist with a lifelong love of photography.

You’re here to book a session with me because you’re looking for images that capture more than what you simply look like. You may not always feel ready to be captured by a camera, but remembering how you feel with your family in the season of life you’re in right now, is simply more important. You’re wanting to document a visual love letter to your family and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do just that.

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places i've been

I love to travel. When I was in college, I got the travel bug and it never left me. I studied abroad in Spain during college and have loved traveling ever since. Visiting all 7 continents is on my bucket list. I have 2 left to go!



I will take an experience gift over any material gift - a vacation, a day at the spa, a road trip, a baseball game, a pedicure. And that's why I photograph the way I do, so you can remember the experience.



When I'm not photographing families, I love capturing the beauty of this Earth. Landscapes and macro photographs of nature are my side passion.



I haven't met a type of pasta I haven't liked. Top it with bolognese and fresh parmesan, and I'll be in food heaven. In college, I visited Florence and Rome, and I've never eaten so well!


My people

These are my people. And life with them can be challenging, but at the same time, it can be incredibly beautiful and soul-filling.



I love to dance as much as I love to photograph. I've been a dancer my entire life. As a child, I was trained in jazz, tap, and ballet, but my favorite class to take now is hip hop!

my favorite things:

What makes me the best san diego photographer  for you?

If you've found my page - first, thank you for taking the time to check it out, second, it may mean you've found me in a search for a San Diego family photographer that's a good fit for your family. I love this community of photographers and I know many of them here in this area. I root them on and support them in many ways. What I've come to learn is that we each offer our own unique style and experience based on our own professional and personal journeys. I could photograph the same exact family at the same session with a hundred other photographers and you would never get the same photo. So with that said, what sets me apart?

Is it my creativity, eye for detail, willingness to be vulnerable, my dance and cheerleading background, or my own journey as a woman/wife/mother? It's all of it. No one on this beautiful Earth has the same combination of experiences to be able to create the same type of art as me. Just as I acknowledge that no one else has had the same experiences as you, which is why I firmly believe your story needs to be documented and I am here not only to do just that, but to root you on through the process.

The difference

now, about you..

You are kind, compassionate, vulnerable, and authentic.
You understand how fleeting time is and want the memories with your loved ones preserved forever. 

One of the most important things to bring to a photo session is your vulnerability. It does not necessarily come easy, especially when meeting someone new and there's a camera capturing it. But if you're willing to trust me to guide you through the process, the vulnerability will allow you to let your guard down and allow me to capture some beautiful truth.

Are you ready?

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