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Investment Details

Thank you for your interest in my photography services!
So glad you're here and I look forward to working with you soon.

I offer 3 different digital and print Collections.
Each includes an amount of artistically hand-edited high resolution digital images as well as a complimentary artwork print credit.

This print credit is my gift to you because I want you to have something tangible to view for years to come. I know how easy it is to collect images and forget about them on your hard drive.

Please take a look below and pick the Collection that works best for you. For all Collections, I deliver a full gallery of a minimum of 50 images and then depending on your choice of Collection, you'll handpick the images you want to keep and download.

The fees below do not include the Creative Fee which is due in order to reserve your session date. These Collection Fees are separate and are paid by the Session Date.

let's get down to the details

The heirloom

The memento

The keepsake

The 2023 collections


The Heirloom Collection is the boutique package. You’ll receive all of the artistically hand-edited digital images, a minimum of 60 photos. Additionally, you'll receive the highest amount of complimentary artwork print credit of $600 to use for any image in your gallery.




The Heirloom Collection


The Keepsake Collection is the ideal package when you want to keep those little moments and the candid ones, in addition to the traditional portraits. 




The Keepsake Collection


The Memento Collection is the perfect option for those looking for a petite session to update your family photos. You’ll select 10 images and then you’ll receive your $200 complimentary artwork print credit to spend in the gallery store as you choose.

The Memento Collection




Now that you know which collection is the best fit, what's next?

Let me know which dates work for you.
Most of my sessions occur 1 - 1.5 hours before sunset depending on the location. We will confirm those details after booking, but this is just something to keep in mind when thinking about a date that works best for you.
Once your date is selected, it's time to reserve it!

Select your session date

How do I reserve my session date?

I will put together an invoice for the Creative Fee of $350, your service agreement, and a questionnaire. Everything will be paid and signed online. Once everything has been submitted, you are officially booked!

I will send a confirmation email that everything has been received on my end and we will then work out the details for the location. This is also the time when I will send you my Style Guide and answer any questions about wardrobe.

Creative Fee Invoice, Service Agreement, and Questionnaire

When is the Collection Fee due?

The Collection Fee is due by your Session Date.
I will send out a reminder email one week before your session with the Collection Fee invoice.

No later than the Session Date

What happens after the session?

Within 2 weeks of your session, you will receive a link
to your private online gallery.
If you've purchased a set number of images, each image in the gallery will have a watermark. Once you've made your selection on which images you'd like to keep, I will update the gallery to remove the watermark for that set of images, and then add the special code for your complimentary print credit. You'll have up to 60 days to use this print credit. If you would like to upgrade your Collection, that option is also available. 

You can download images individually or the full set that will be available with your Collection. You'll have the option to download a web-sized version that can be shared online and via social media, which is also suited for small prints, as well as a larger print-sized version.

The Gallery Delivery Process

Is that the end?

Once I deliver your gallery, I'm always here if you have any questions downloading your images or making a selection from the Gallery Shop.
I'm here to answer any questions throughout the entire process.
As a mama of 3, I value an easy and simple process, so I strive to deliver that. 

It's always an honor for me when someone wants to book me for their photo session. If you're ready to book, let's get started!

Until next time...

If my work speaks to you in some way, I'd love to work with you. There are many photographers in San Diego and each one offers something unique and at all different price ranges.
I won't be a good fit for all budgets, but with that said, I do provide an experience and quality timeless images that make the investment worth it. If you'd like to move forward with your booking, please reach out!

Thank you!

I appreciate you taking the time to check out my services.

"These are absolutely stunning!
You are just incredible at what you do!
I am blown away and grateful for your generosity. We had so much fun and are glad we were able to work with you!”

- caitlin a. (couple session client)